Allah, Jesus, and Yahweh 
The Gods That Failed 
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(May, 2013)

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ISBN: 978-0987959607
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First Publication Date: May 15, 2013



"The pen is mightier than the sword"


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 The Gods That Failed

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Allah, Jesus, and Yahweh: The Gods That Failed deals with the moral and intellectual damage caused by religion—the subject of many of today’s headlines. There have been at least five major religious invasions from Asia into Europe. In particular, the Middle East seems a virtual hatchery for faith and fanaticism. It’s the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam not to mention the earlier Zoroastrianism and the much later Baha’ism plus a plethora of minor cults and lunacies. The parlance in vogue for this present invasion is a clash of civilizations—East versus West! But this is not entirely the case. There is a clash, but we have confused the combatants. Many in the West do not intend to fight for the preservation of Christianity; many in the Middle East feel the same about Islam. What we will defend is freedom, democracy, and the values of the Enlightenment versus submission, dictatorship, and the buzz of the hive mind. A colossal clash of ideals is underway between the Enlightenment and the Army of the Night—those who feel they have absolute certainty without evidence.


Gordon HarrisonGordon Harrison

Gordon Harrison has written several popular books on nature, science, religion, and art. When he isn't writing or drinking Glenmorangie single malt scotch whiskey, he's photographing, as Charles Darwin wrote, the "endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful" of Ontario's hinterlands. Before writing he earned a Master of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo and taught calculus and algebra.


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